How To Protect Indoor Plants From Insects

               How To Protect Indoor Plants From Insects

Do you know how to protect indoor plants from insects?

There are many different types of protect indoor plants. Here are some best steps to how to protect indoor plants from insects.


  •          Inspect plants before bringing them indoors -- whether they're newly purchased or they've spent the summer outdoors. If they show signs of pests or disease, keep them isolated and cure the problem before you infect your other indoor plants.


  •        Expect new plants to drop some leaves or otherwise show symptoms of shock as you move them from the nursery to your home — especially if light levels in your home are significantly different.


  •           Avoid placing plants in trouble spots, where temperature fluctuate or stay too warm or too cold. For example, locate them away from heating and air conditioning ducts, and don't put them on top of a radiator, or between curtains and a frosty window.


  •         Provide the right light. Plants that prefer bright light will thrive in a south-facing window. East-and west-facing windows have moderate sun. North windows have very little sun. Plants that require high light levels will do best under a grow light.


  •          Remember that heating systems can dry out the air in winter. You can provide a little extra humidity with a pebble tray and some misting.


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